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Banknote Albums

Important Please Read

Postage Costs

The postage cost for any order for albums, pages, interleaves, wallets etc. is 5.00 for UK delivery. Complete your order, and before you check out just click the "ADD DELIVERY" button and choose the "UK postage for banknote albums - 5.00" option. The postage cost for pages and/or interleaves only is 4.00

We do not normally send albums, pages or interleaves outside of the UK as postage costs are just too high.

If you do wish to order these items to be sent outside of the UK, please check postage costs with us first.

Chiltern Binders

Any banknote collection, and your enjoyment of it, will be much enhanced if you use suitable albums for storage and display.

We stock Chiltern binders which are ideal for housing all sizes of paper money. Chiltern Binders have a standard 4 ring mechanism which suits most album pages. We like these because they are well made with a large capacity and are reasonably priced.

They can be supplied with a matching slip case if required. For use with the binders we offer clear plastic pages with a choice of one, two or three pockets which enable both the front and back of your banknotes to be seen. The pocket pages are made from polyproylene, a material which is free from any potentially harmful substances and very suitable for long term storage.

SAFE wallets for individual storage of banknotes are also available - see bottom of page.

Banknote albums
Banknote albums
Banknote albums

The Chiltern albums have 1 1/2 inch (38mm) high capacity 'D' rings which will easily hold more than 40 pages with 40 interleaves. Few other albums have this capacity.

Colours available: dark blue, dark red or dark green. Price 13.00 each.

The use of interleaves between album pages dramatically improves the appearance of your collection. Interleaves are available in black or red.

Chiltern Binder 13.00 each
Slipcase for Chiltern Binder 12.00 each
Pockets - 1, 2 or 3 per page (215mm x293mm) 10 pages 5.50 for 10
Interleaves - black, red or blue card 10 pages 4.50 for 10

Safe Achival Wallets

We can also offer SAFE wallets for individual storage of banknotes.

We stock two sizes which will accomodate most banknotes up to and including Bank of England white notes and most of the old Scottish large size ("horse blanket") notes. These wallets are made from a glass clear, rigid plastic and are light and strong. They are sold in packs of 50 wallets. The opening is on the long side, and sizes are:

Ref. 9272, internal size 190 x 132 mm - Price 12.50 per 50
Ref. 9274, internal size 215 x 159 mm - Price 17.00 per 50

Please order by clicking below.

SAFE wallets
Safe Archival Wallets Ref 9272 12.50 for 50
Safe Archival Wallets Ref 9274 17.00 for 50